Aug 20 2023

And just like that .....

I am delighted to announce the rekindling of my blog. 


Over the past few years, I've stood on the precipice of countless writing endeavors, each time halted by a sense of unreadiness or a lack of that elusive spark—often referred to as muse. It's as if my thoughts, ideas, and experiences were brewing beneath the surface, waiting for the perfect convergence to unfurl onto these digital pages.


These years have been ones of transformation, of embracing change and recalibrating my life's compass. And now, as I put pen to paper—metaphorically speaking—I am grounded in a newfound sense of clarity. The direction in which I am headed has crystallized, and the path ahead appears illuminated by a profound understanding of what I want and how I intend to shape my existence.


For those who have followed my journey, you're familiar with the love affair I've nurtured with my craft, a relationship that serendipitously led me to the enchanting embrace of Switzerland. What began as a two-month sojourn has evolved into four rich years, filled with joy, lust, passion, sensuality, desire and an unwavering dedication to my calling.


In the mosaic of my life, this remains a constant—a love affair with my craft that promises to endure, flourishing even as the years unfold. The vision stretches ahead; I can almost picture myself engaged in it at the vibrant age of 90, a testament to the enduring fire and lust that fuel my passionate spirit.


In these chapters of time, I've been graced with the presence of extraordinary individuals. Lifelong friends have been forged amidst shared experiences and laughter, and, in the realm of intimacy, I've discovered a connection that transcends the merely physical.


My journey has been an exploration I have gone through different ways of practicing my craft, travelling around, staying in an apartment all day long, adjusting my time and schedule to others needs, following the lead and ideas of others, trying to fit in, doing it as it "has always been done", mimicking, adapting, evolving.


And today, as I cast my gaze across the expanse of my experiences, I am met with tranquility and calm. The trials and tribulations have melded into wisdom, paving the way for a newfound confidence. I stand unburdened by the past, looking toward the future with a clarity that only arises after traversing the labyrinth of self-discovery.


These revelations have been born from the embrace of a holistic lifestyle—a practice of self-love and care that extends to the setting of boundaries, prioritizing well-being above all else. I've learned to approach life with an open heart, refusing to be tethered by assumptions or attachment to outcomes.


With each awakening of pleasure and every shared moment, I've embraced the wisdom of surrendering to the currents of existence. It's a dance of vulnerability and strength, where my desires unfurls as I open myself to the flow of life—much like the crescendo of my most profound experiences.


This metamorphosis has been profound, evolving into the person, woman, lover, companion, confidante, sexual partner, friend, muse, mistress,  goddess,  muse  I have always wanted to be and to grow and expand the masterpiece of my life from here on to infinity.  Embracing the divinity of the sexual energy and being humbled by the honor of you sharing your intimate, joyful and blissful moments with me.


In the light of this new dawn, I bid farewell to hurt, grudges, and small-minded limiting beliefs.

I step excited into the realm of new beginnings, new chapters, limitless potential, evolution, uniqueness, expansion  and growth.


Years ago, a whisper of wisdom reached me from a charismatic source—do it like Sinatra, he said. Those words, an ode to "My Way," have echoed in my mind ever since, serving as a compass guiding me to navigate life according to my own rhythm.


Here is a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzdAsjWGPg


The Charizma Way ….


As I set forth on this path towards more love, pleasure, abundance, and gratitude, I am building a sturdy foundation rooted in my cherished craft. With every smile, every embrase, every kiss, every touch, every hard one, every stroke, every lick, every orgasm I'm nurturing a relationship with my passion that continues to deepen and flourish.


Amidst this creative evolution, my mind brims with an endless torrent of fresh ideas, sparking the fires of new adventures waiting to be explored. Each idea is a star in the constellation of my dreams, guiding me toward uncharted territories where unforgettable moments lie in wait.

And speaking of exploration, the realm of intimacy and desire beckons with a promise of discovery. Shared between kindred spirits, the symphony of shared pleasures crescendos into a harmonious crescendo, forging bonds that go beyond the physical. This journey is imbued with a divine sexual energy, a primal force that connects us not only to each other but to the very essence of creation itself.


In the dance of intimacy, we become conduits of this cosmic energy, intertwining in a rhythm that echoes the universe's most intricate patterns. Our bodies become temples, vessels through which this energy flows, heightening our senses and awakening our souls. 


In the moments of connection, as our breaths synchronize and our heartbeats align, we tap into the primal wisdom that courses through our veins. With every touch, every caress, we inscribe our desires onto the canvas of time, weaving a tapestry of passion that is uniquely our own.


And as we delve deeper into this dance, we discover that the boundaries between self and other blur, dissolving into an intimate unity that transcends the physical realm. It's as if the universe itself is conspiring with us, orchestrating this symphony of pleasure and connection, guiding us to explore the vast expanse of our desires. 


In this journey, we're not just exploring our bodies; we're unlocking the secrets of our souls. As we surrender to the waves of pleasure, we touch the core of our authenticity, embracing our vulnerability and strength in equal measure. It's a sacred dance, a celebration of the divine essence within us, and an affirmation that our desires are both natural and divine.


So, as we embark on this journey of discovery and connection, let's revel in the divine energy that flows through us, igniting our passions and propelling us toward a crescendo of ecstasy. As we intertwine, we create not just moments of pleasure, but a living testament to the beauty and power of our existence.