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What is Tantra?


Tantric sex is a sexual practice that's part of the ancient spiritual path known as tantra. Tantra  is a Sanskrit term that translates to "weave." 

It refers to weaving together or uniting the masculine and feminine forces within all of us, heaven and earth, the human body with the transcendent, collapsing the polarities.

 The purpose of tantra is to discover an ecstatic union with all of life beyond the separate sense of self. Sacred or tantric sex—an aspect of tantra—is seen as one doorway to that transcendent truth, once we learn how to harness it.


The simplest explanation of tantric intimacy is that it's about bringing the fire of your sexual energy, passion, and desires into alignment with your heart, your spirit, and a sense of goodness in your life. When these forces come into balance and harmony, the sparks of interpersonal magic really start flying, and sex becomes something healing, empowering, transcendent, and profoundly beautiful.


I'm talking about the kind of lovemaking that feels truly connected, aligned, massively powerful, and filled with the utmost respect and devotion between you and your partner. This kind of intimacy evokes your highest self and leaves you overflowing with love. Time slows down, your

intuition expands, and you can find yourself in nearly psychedelic realms of orgasmic possibility that you might have only heard about or imagined.


Sounds pretty good, huh?


What happens during a Tantric Session? 


A Tantric Session involves a wide array of erotic activities, not all of which involve the same kind of penetration and physical stimulation of erogenous zones that most people associate with sex.

 A typical tantra session involves the subtle realms of sex, includingh slow embraces, gentle caresses, getting present within the body, and focusing on the movement of energy between the partners' bodies.

Sometimes during tantric sex, you're barely moving, and the focus is on the meditative, devotional dimension. If you relax and take things slowly, or ramp up and slow down the action, you can make love for hours, and the enjoyment can just keep building. We can also explore practices like edging (getting close to orgasm and backing off), which builds their ability to last longer and hold more pleasure before flipping over into orgasm.


That said, all sexual energy can be tantric when done with awareness. Tantric sex can dive into the raw, intense, and animalistic spaces, where the body's instinctual intelligence takes over and you are blind to pleasure. 


Dominance and Submission can be tantric as well. 


Breathwork is also central to tantric sex; people might use their breath and awareness to move sexual energy throughout their whole body, awakening their capacity for full-body pleasure (rather than pleasure localized specifically in the genitalia).


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